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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Words of George Will

In Saturday's Washington Post, a reader commented on the length of George Will's words.
The reason Mr. Will uses words that are thought by illiterates to be "long," is because those are the words that best express his meaning. His discussion of America's debt problems is precisely on target, and those who criticize his message represent perfectly the voters he describes, namely those who would prefer major surgery than to attack problems that can be put off to another day. He also offers an implied critique of mass democracy, perhaps the only columnist employed by a left-wing sheet willing to do so.

But probably it's too late to hope for a solution to problems that arise from America's black hole of decadence, Caucasian self-loathing, feminization, cultural collapse, educational capitulationism, 70% bastardy rates, aboriginal musical tastes, recreational adultery, sex-addled adolescents who can name 1,000 rock groups but can't cite the 2nd president, children staring at CRTs for 19 hours the day, psychotropic drugs in lieu of lunch, 32-year-old grandmothers, oil wars, subservience to Israel, elective bombing campaigns, New York publishers, anti-white movie producers afflicted with underdogmatism, PBS propaganda, fanatic minorityitis, on-line abortion instruction, human smugglers, and the whole bloody list.
Me? I'm old, and just really don't care anymore.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Presidential debate & racism

God help me, I failed to notice that Obama did better than his rival. But then, I live in the wrong part of the country. On a somewhat larger issue, I believe the candidate who expresses the most egalitarian ideas will likely win. We live in an era of radical egalitarianism in which, for example, all races are deemed equal, a preposterous notion and perhaps the best known example of "The Big Lie" as it works its way through our present-day politics. Automobiles are not equal, nor restaurants, nor horses, and I believe it can be established that no catagory of things is ever equal to any other. We are told, too, that "race" doesn't exist, which makes one wonder to whom affirmative action is to be applied. And if races don't exist, how can there be racism? But of course racism, thank goodness, does exist, and should. Instead of equality, this is the time, a time of accelerated international competition, when quality needs to be our first concern. A society that pretends to believe that people of African descent are morally, intellectually, and civilizationally equal to the Caucasian tribes that created the West are the chief contributors to our decline, and as the proportion of white people in the USA continues to shrink, the nearer and nearer we draw to the sort of barbarism that so far has been disguised by high material standards of living. Our country holds together purely on the basis of prosperity. And if once we had a country with an economy, now we have an economy with an atrophied country chasing along behind, a fissiparous monstrosity that needs only a real depression to separate into the tectonic plates composed of racial blocs, a country that killed itself to salvage a mistaken theory.