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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Everyone's a Little Bit Racist

And I'm no exception.

I have failed utterly to understand how anyone could not be a white supremicist.
If we were to evaluate restaurants or horses or automobiles by their performance, it is hilariously clear that some are just better than others. Of course a poor restaurant might do very well with one or two dishes. Of course an awful car may have an excellent windshield wiper. And sure, a spavined nag may have a lovely mane! But in the matter of race it is useful I believe to consider the whole performance, and to understand that Western Civilization, a Caucasian project, has been more creative, productive, efficient, and has spawned more men of scientific and artistic genius THAN ALL OTHER TRIBES COMBINED.
On that showing, I consider racial egalitarians to be the dupes of current fashion, or else perhaps just generally ignorant of the history of achievement.