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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Republicans not extreme enough!!!

In response to David Brooks' mournful New York Times column about extremists in the Republican Party, I can only respond thusly:

Unfortunately, there are NO extremists in the Republican Party and I must continue my search for public leaders who will sponsor the following measures:
The restoration of racial segregation
Ejection of all immigrants, legal as well as illegal, since 1965
Restriction of the franchise to white heterosexual males above age 40
End of affirmative action
Confiscatory taxation of incomes over $250,000/year
Withdrawal from all overseas military installations
Refund of monies sent to Israel
Withdrawal from the United Nations
End of welfare
Restoration of military draft
Derecognition of France
Formation of a Confederation of the Northern Hemisphere with a 90% Caucasian demographic
Prison for TV and Hollywood producers
Capital punishment for bankers
Stealth planes to be remanded to the Rio Grande
New York Times editors to be aportioned to traveling circus owners ....... and so much more!


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Florida's New & Improved Voting Regulations

In a New York Times article on March 27, 2012, Michael Cooper and Jo Craven McGinty bemoan the new changes to Florida's voting regulations. They claim that these restrictions for some reason especially hinder minorities and Democrats from exercising their right to vote.

Better if far fewer were allowed to vote, especially those who are not genetically capable of wise decision making. Dictatorships are generally superior to mass democracies like the present-day United States where all races and genders are encouraged to help decide American policy. If the franchise had followed the Athenian example, only males of a certain age and position would be allowed to vote, and we would not now be crippled by unlimited immigration, affirmative action, racial integration, impossible federal debt, welfare, useless schools employing illiterate "teachers," political correctness, Afropromotionism/Anglodemotionism, and all the other self-inflicted ills that are turning our once-beautiful country into a dumpting ground for ethnic sewage.


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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Color of the Country

March 26, 2012, New York Times: The Renegade Republicans, by THOMAS B. EDSALL

"...the color of this country will be quite different and much better soon."

Strange thing to say. Of the world's some 200 sovereign countries, only about a score of them are prosperous and well-governed, and all of those have hefty white majorities. In fact, the minoritization of Caucasians in America will necessarily coincide with a reduction of this country's ranking to the status of, say, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, or if we are very lucky, Somalia. You do realize that the glory period of American history, when we led the world in everything, was accomplished with a demographic that was 90% white. The notion that the same sort of advancement can emerge from a multi-racial dispensation is not only rejected by large majorities here, but ignores the awful consequences visited upon every other society that has ever attempted any such thing. I speak, of course, of the love affair between:
Europeans and Indians
Russians and Poles
Germans and Jews
Czechs and Slovaks
Latvians and Russians
English and Irish
Serbs and Croats
Christians and Muslims
Moors and Spaniards
Neanderthals and true Humans
Corsicans and French
Goths and Romans
Jews and Jebusites
Australians and Australasians
Incas and Spaniards
Chinese and Vietnamese
Romans and Picts
Persians and Greeks
Arabs and


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

'Year of the Woman' fades -- HOT DOG!!!!

In an article in yesterday's Washington Post, Karen Tumulty reports on those women lamenting the failure of the 1992 women's push to move into the Washington arena. "...a growing body of evidence suggests that these pathbreaking women [in politics] have proved to be cautionary examples - not role models..."

It is encouraging to find that women have at last begun to understand that they have no authentic right to participate in important decision making in either politics, business, or the arts.The male is the primary gender and women are but stolen rib bones in expensive clothes. The sole obligation of a woman is to identify that man to whom she wishes to consecrate her life, and then to adore and serve him for the balance of her days. That women are today being thrust into positions for which they are genetically ineligible is simply one more marker of the radical decadence of these times. Happiness for women lies only in the arms of a man, and if you doubt that, I recommend that the next time you find yourself on the streets of New York City (or any other similar Gehenna), that you take a glance into the faces of career women striding forward militantly on six-inch heels.


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Should Serve in the Military?

It has often been mooted that those who determine on the application of military force should also be the ones who do the actual fighting, namely middle-aged legislators enjoying privileged lives.

In the brave days of ancient Greece, the most ferocious and successful fighters were the so-called Silver Shields, a volunteer army composed of Alexander's veterans. They had to be at least 70 years old to join.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Xenophobia in Alabama?

March 22, 2012, 4:41PM

I have always considered myself highly flattered when denominated a "xenophobe." And so you can easily imagine my chagrin upon learning that the word refers merely to the fear of foreigners rather than to the loathing that continues as one of my favorite personal virtues.

All I ask is to be given absolute authority for a period of one year, at the end of which time Alabama will be whiter than vanilla frosting



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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Racism - is it really evil?

Don't understand why racism is considered an evil. In my view, we need a powerful resurgence of racism to avert global homogenization of populations, and the consequent loss of the particularistic virtues that are race specific.

I can remember when the U.S.was 90% Caucasian and enjoyed a general moral consensus that provided a much lower level of criminality, educational failure, illegal drug use, bastardy, welfare dependency, immigration, and cultural degradation. On a ten-scale, America was an "8" in those days, but now is in sub-zero territory, most of it due to the infusion of people who come here to parasitize the sort of economy they have been unable to construct in their own countries.

It represents perhaps the stangest and most unnecessary tragedy in human history - a once-successful society gleefully destroying itself in defense of the preposterous theory of universal equality.

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