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Monday, June 11, 2012

How Racist Are We?

In a New York Times post on June 9, Stephens-Davidowitz reported that google searches illuminate that racism still exists in the U.S.  Surprise!

 Racism, the default position of 99% of humanity over 99% of historic time, is the last barrier to the sort of global homogenization that will spell the end of diversity.

    I admire the special qualities of German Shepherd and Boxer dogs considered separately. The children of a mixed Shepherd and Boxer couple are much less interesting, and represent the permanent loss of the particular excellencies of both.

    I think that liberals, who seem incapable of thinking outside the current fashion, will be appalled when once our country has lost its Caucasian majority. We may expect our popular culture, as degraded as it already is, to slip further and further into outright barbarism as it seeks to appease a steadily declining lowest common denominator.

   A fissiparous society is not a happy place, and usually ends up either in totalitarianism or civil war. As for America, I expect it to continue as a rich and powerful state in which people are progressively less and less comfortable, and where citizens view each other suspiciously as mutual strangers. The historical antecedents are legion, indeed unanimous


Friday, June 8, 2012

May, or May Not, appear in today's New York Times.

 I have a dream. I dreamt that America had come to its senses and had given me dictatorial powers for a twenty-year term.

  In fact, I needed only a few months to do what needed to be done - a renewed population that was 98% white, the limitation of the franchise to heterosexual white males, the restoration of racial segregation, a much more generous use of the death penalty, the end of public education, economic autarchy, the assignment to labor camps of all immigrants, illegal and legal, who have arrived here over the past half-century, abrogation of all constitutional amendments (save for the 2nd and 10th), forced annexation of Canada, reeducation of feminists, withdrawal from the UN, the building to be restructured into a memorial to John Wilkes Booth, a class structure that assigns businesspersons to the bottom and farmers and reactionary novelists to the top, thirty years hard labor for adultery, death penalty for pornographers, innovation interrogation procedures for the staff of The New York Times, relocation of the nation's capitol to Tupelo, and other parallel measures that will cause the historians of the future to gasp with amazement and approval.