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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Solution for Overcrowding in Nigeria

In an April 14 article in the New York Times, Elizabeth Rosenthal laments the overcrowded conditions in Nigeria and discusses the cultural basis for the problem.
There are no more than 400,000 undocumented Africans in the United States. I have the obvious solution, since this is clearly the fault of American waste, racism, imperialism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism and all the other well-attested miscreancies of our way of life.
To atone for being prosperous (not to mention white), I feel sure sure we could absorb at least 50,000,000 of these innocent people who through no fault of their own have become victims of western "civilization."
Massachusetts has lots of room and also the correct political philosophy. So, too, does Connnecticut and other northeastern locales. I recommend we process the following allocations of these impoverished "third-worlders" as follows:
Massachusetts - 16,000,000
Connecticut - 9,000,000
Rhode Island 4,000,000
Vermont 17,000,000
Billings, Montana - 3,000,000etc.,, etc., together with provision for 5 years living expenses, affirmative action, hate crime laws, social security, unemployment benefits, legal aid in bringing suit against discriminatory actions and the other typical advantages that have so disproportionately accrued to the people who pay for them.
And then, after Nigeria, we can proceed to other sub-Saharan states that stand in similar need!

Racists & Racism -- a problem?

On the American Renaissance website there has a lively discussion in recent days on Racism, Racists and whether it is a problem, and whose problem.

Our race submits to an extinction inflicted on itself by its own members, the most neurotic and baleful crusade in human history. But try to imagine the facial expressions that will be seen on the faces of egalitarians when it is too late, and they at last are forced to understand what they have done to their descendants.

Western civilization compares to Toynbee's other 16 discernible civilizations in about the same way that opera compares to rap, or Dostoevsky to Norman Mailer, or Bosch and Bruegel to finger painting.High civilizations cannot be sustained by a random sampling of the world's peoples, nor even by a majority of Caucasians.

Truth is, our civilization depends utterly on a critical mass of the sort of people who participate in these forums, a very tiny minority of vulnerable souls who on current evidence seem destined to be swallowed whole by the racial sewage pounding on the city walls. I think we ought to stop pretending that we are not racists.

Racism is an attitude and a philosophy that is easily to be defended, as well as having served 99% of the species over 99% of historical time. I am no more bothered by accusations of racism than of vegetarianism, or of prefering mayonnaise to butter. At one time homosexualism was deemed unspeakable, but now is lauded everywhere and almost required in some quarters. Racism needs to be made respectable, too.

I, personally, would prefer human life to come to an end than to see it sink to the level of New York,Mexico, sub-Saharan Africa, or Hollywood, where current ideals are much worse than nothing at all. In spite of everything however, I do see at least a few causes for hope, namely Alex, Richard, Derby, Jared, etc., etc. - some hundred or more bright brilliant souls.


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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poor Maureen

In typical Maureen Dowd fashion, her column in today's New York Times once again bemoans the pitiful plight of women in today's world.

Ah, yes. There is no doubt but that American womanhood is the most aggrieved, persecuted, down-trodden demographic in Western history, and never mind that they form a majority in this country and can dominate national elections, that they have much greater longevity than males and end up inheriting a majority of the country's wealth, that they attend college in greater numbers than males, that they wish to interpret fertility as a disease for insurance purposes, that they are given affirmative action benefits in some of the most incongruous places, and that they have shown themselves willing to produce large numbers of children while lacking husbands.

There is one benefit however that I want to extend, not to women in general (my favorite people), but to feminists, which is to say the right to serve on the front lines in military combat. Think of the joy that would accrue to women like this columnist, empowered to slaughter as many males as might arrive within mortar shot..


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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is Race an Issue?

"Race will always be an issue because..."

...the races are profoundly unlike each other. White people tend naturally to create civilizations in which they will be comfortable. It is clear that black people, in general, are not comfortable in a society that is, or used to be, overwhelmingly white. I would not be comfortable in China.

Immigrants to America nearly always come for the economic advantages and don't necessarily expect to be comfortable. The inevitable result is racial antagonism based upon intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and social misunderstanding.

Liberals, who take a shallow and optimistic view of human nature, like to imagine that highly unlike peoples can learn to join hands around a campfire and sing sad folksongs to each other. They may do that, but they will be holding their breath at the same time. A fissiparous society is a society in conflict, as witness the 10,000 experiences of tribal conflict everywhere.

Myself, I adored the Caucasian civilization of the '40s and '50s and deeply abominate what passes today for decency and culture. It seems I had grown accustomed to a world with low crime rates, very little illegal drug use, almost no illegal immigration, a society in which romance was prized above routine coitus, good schools that actually taught, responsible parents, popular music with a heart, a high quotient of daily courtesy, and all the other lost qualities that made that era the best in our national experience.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012


New York Times WHY NATIONS FAIL by Thomas L. Friedman March 31, 2012

The persistent problem with this columnist is his apparent belief that all problems (and all solutions) are economic in essence. And yet we have all kinds of experience to tell us that a society may be ever so rich and enjoy ever so much freedom, and yet be ever so miserable. The chance that happiness and a good life may have some connection with psychology, or culture, or community, or spirituality is beyond this man's ken.

Our country (to take one example at perfect random) was a ten-times better place in, say, 1950, than it is today, and also was ten times less wealthy. My observation is that once a society begins to move above a certain decent level of per-capita income, it also begins right away to fall into that form of radical self-indulgence called decadence.

Hellenic Greece was much less prosperous than in Hellenistic times, but made far greater contributions to the world. Spain grew rich and decadent at the same time. Rome was much more admirable as a republic than as an empire. And that's just three examples out of about a thousand.

But let me stop here and offer my apologies to those libr... progressives who like to believe pre-post-modern times were just awful. Very few of them were there.