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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Control Guns? To What Purpose?

The following was inspired by & added to the Brooks/Collins "debate" in today's New York Times:

It is well established that today's urban decadents desire safety above all else and will cheerfully sacrifice any degree of freedom to achieve it. Me, I care not at all whether gun ownership is dangerous or not; indeed, I wish it were more dangerous than it is. (What, don't you advanced thinkers wish to live in a vibrant society?)

Those who cannot endure danger cannot have freedom, and Nietzsche has always supported me in that opinion..

Truly, could anything be more repellant than these two snot-nosed denatured objects discussing how much freedom may be allowed unqualified people who are so wrong-headed as to live in small towns or, worse, the actual countryside?

And really, could anything be more awful than plastic chairs and broken vending machines?

And could anything be more incongruous than the Times' token "conservative" who believes unrestricted immigration is real nice and who thought he was firing a real gun when his little brother loaned him his cap pistol.

So this then is what late democracy looks like - advanced thinkers who turn pale when their weekly appointments with the waxing boutique come round. Hire me. I'll show you what authentic reaction looks like, and I write far more skillfully than these... persons.


Sunday, July 8, 2012


 I haven't the slightest desire to participate in a program that provides medical insurance to the general population. Am I to be expected to be of assistance to child molesters, illegal drug suppliers, ex-convicts, gang members,divorced people, pornographers, liberal recidivists, high school dropouts, recreational adulterers, welfare addicts, Francophiles, post-modern museum curators, legal and/or illegal immigrants, and about 100,000,000 other people whom I loathe? Certainly not! I don't want them to enjoy good health; I want them to die.