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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Within this century, the population of Africa, economically the world’s poorest region, is expected to surpass two billion.  Other non-European societies are likewise projected to experience large or even massive population growth.  The wealthiest and most attractive areas, primarily Europe and America, are expected to see modest population growth and in some cases diminution.  

Some western countries are witnessing a reduction in the size of the native population.  By the end of the century, these more successful peoples will represent only a trace element in the global population.  At the same time, their societies will be the target of hundreds of millions, possibly billions of aspiring immigrants from outside the western realm.  

For as long as western  countries remain wealthier and more comfortable than most, they will continue to draw great numbers of immigrants, actual and potential, from places where conflict, overpopulation, ecological failure and social deterioration inspire continuing immigration. By century’s end, hundreds of millions will wish to enter western countries. Owing to their numbers and western humanitarianism, it will not be possible to halt the flood.

Eighty years from now the nations deemed by immigrants as most desirable will have been submerged in tides of less gifted, or anyway less successful peoples, a consequence of the current belief in ruling western elites, exemplified by the editors of this journal, that economics is the only important social value, that people are fungible, and that all are equal.  

If the liberal belief in the equal cultural potential of all people is correct, then civilization at a high level may continue.  If not, not.  My own expectation is for a new Dark Age, more awful than the last one, and a world in which civilization may never again achieve the quality of, for example, that of classical civilization, or of Europe and America up until the triumph of egalitarian thinking.


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