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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

N.P.I. Video with MY face in middle!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gay (& other kinds) of Marriage

Once again, The New York Times has published an editiorial trumpeting the virtues of gay marriage.

Here is my response to this and all others like this one:

You think gays are not being given equal treatment, just wait till I tell you about a neighbor of mine, a really nice guy who urgently wants to marry his male partner of 7 years, as also his partner's favorite bowling team member. That member sincerely wishes to bring a cousin of his into the presumably pending marriage as, too, that cousin's decorator and weight lifting coach. And yet (and I hate to have to report this, it bothers me) our fascist state goverment does not recognize marriage between more than just two persons.
Call that equality? Is it a matter of equality to prohibit tax paying citizens from joining existing marriages? Is it fair? Worse yet is the case of a biologist friend of mine who has succeeded in creating a two-foot-tall artificial human who demands legal permission to marry a really cute orangutan recently acquired by the local zoo. Who is qualified to say "no" to this couple after all? Have you ever seen them together? Are we indeed so lost in wall-to-wall simianphobia that we can conscientiously DISCRIMINATE (and that's the only proper word) discriminate, I say, against people, and others, so clearly in love?
No, say I, never,never,never, and let the red state people suck on that!