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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Racism is as legitimate and as intellectually defensible as any other philosophic construct, and offers the added benefit of forestalling the sort of global homogenization that would bring an end to diversity.  

All societies must exercise some form of quality control as quality is defined by each society.  Some (most) societies see a connection between quality and genetics.  Even within a particular race there are distinctions between people with propitious and those with less propitious genetic inheritances.  

Is discrimination WITHIN demographics less wicked, according to post-modern thought, than discrimination BETWEEN identifiable demographics?  The more gifted ones will normally enjoy a sort of "racism" in the form of higher incomes, better educational outcomes, and the rest.  

Are liberals disturbed that discrimination occurs not only between, but within all demographics?  And can civilization exist without the inequality produced by genes?  Creative cultures, judging by the record, are always highly unequal. 


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